Saturday, February 9, 2008

Country Roads

So guys, I have been trying to get ready to come back to the states and it has been crazy busy. I have to prepare some reports, Board of Directors slides, get my Mentees to continue the data collection I have started, etc. It has been crazy. Anyway, I will be in the states from the 12th until March 4. I will be in WSS, Morgantown, and Pipestem. I will be in Morgantown from around the 16th through the 23rd (ish) Pipestem is 24th through the 2nd. The rest of the time I will be in WSS. If you get a strange number on your cellphone, answer it. I will be using probably my dad's cell phone while I am in town. There probably will not be any major posts on here until I get back. I might throw some thoughts on here about coming back to the states...apprently, repartriation is a interesting process.

Also, I really like the fact that Coach Stew kicked 3 guys off the team for dealing in drugs. I like the precedent he is setting. That is what West Virginians like to see in a coach. Someone that won't put up with crap and acts on it when faced with it. You come to play at WVU, you need to play hard on and off the field. I think Stew will make us proud...

See you all soon. Cheers!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

See? I have been working...

You want cultural understanding? You want to be challenged? Try teaching four 2-Day leadership classes to the emergency nurse leaders at this organization. The EMS/Nurse relationship has always been slightly volatile, but add in cultural issues, 10 nationalities, bad pay, poor working conditions...and you get one heck of an experience. Needless to say I was challenged and I had a blast doing it. Enjoy some of my class photos... Jordanian, Palestinian, UK, South African, Filipino, Indian, Qatari, Iranian, Egyptian, and I am sure I am missing a few.

Class One - HGH
Class Two -HGH
Class 3 - Al -Khor
Are you getting the idea of why we are so easily spotted in the ER? I mean, as you can see, if I walked into the ER and these guys were working...I could scan the whole room in just a quick turn.
Class Four - Al Khor
Did you ever think a small town hillbilly would be teaching an Arab woman in a veil leadership? Me She (Kneeling, center) was acutally the smarest in the class and got the best score on both the pre and post tests.